Maiden Beech Primary Academy

Maiden Beech Primary Academy
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Absence Procedure

It is in the interest of better life chance for our students, that we emphasise the importance of school attendance for individual educational outcomes and develop systems and support that maximise the attendance of all students. 

All students are expected to attend regularly and be punctual. This establishes good working habits. Students who attend regularly achieve better results than those who do not.

Our expectation is 100% attendance for all children.  We write to those parents whose child’s attendance falls lower than we feel is important, regardless of whether absence is due to holiday, illness or any other reason and whether the absence is authorised or unauthorised. 

Absence will be authorised for sickness, medical appointments or family bereavement, however there is no entitlement to leave for a holiday, long weekends, shopping trips or half days such as family celebrations etc. 

If there is some unavoidable reason for absence, then we ask parents to inform the school either by telephone before 9am on the first day of absence or by letter in advance so that we can note the reason for non-attendance in the registers. 

This also avoids us worrying about your child and from making unnecessary phone calls.  If a parent cannot supply a note or explanation for any absence, the school will classify it as unauthorised.

We also request that you contact us to let us know if your child will be arriving late to school.